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A Flowering Vase: Blue, Purple, Green and So Much More. Ready to Ship.


Bringing natural beauty into my life without having to disturb it too much is pure joy.
Whether it's enjoyed on a windowsill or a desk, this piece will bring color and hope into your life.

Taking all that I feel from wrapping nature's gifts with my senses in the moment, and then translating them into my passion - hot glass - brings me a sense of continuity of life and the promise of cycling seasons that we're so lucky to live with here in New England.

The vase is handmade by a local artist whose skills and talent I cherish and the flowers (and leaves) are components that I make individually, one at a time, in a torch flame.

I carefully compose these arrangements and every one is of a kind; you're welcome to add your own components to them.

You will receive the vase and 5 components, each wrapped individually.
Handle them with care as you (re)create your vase. I advise that you display your sculpture on a stable surface; the components move and their fragility can be of consequence.

The overall height of this sculptural art etude is over 5.5" and it's 2.5" deep.

Let me know if you have questions.

Note: The flower is yellow in its entirety. The orange resulted from the light and its photographic expression.

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